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  • Director Derek Harvey Offers Analysis on ISIS on Fox News

    Global Initiative Director Derek Harvey offered insightful analysis in a lengthy interview on Fox News this week. Mr. Harvey offered insight as to why the current strategy on ISIS may also be empowering Iran and increasing the country’s influence over security in the region. “Iran has supported extremist groups including Al Qaeda over the past decade,” he […]

  • New Book by Global Initiative’s Dr. Zacharias Pieri Out Today

    The Global Initiative on Civil Society is proud to announce Dr. Pieri’s new book Tablighi Jamaat and the Quest for the London Mega Mosque, published by Palgrave. This is a culmination of many years of research and presents a deep ethnographic account of Islam’s largest Movement, the Tablighi Jamaat, their attempt to construct Europe’s largest mosque in London, […]

  • Director Derek Harvey Analyzes the Strategy on ISIS in The Weekly Standard

    As seen in The Weekly Standard Obama’s ISIS Strategy Empowers Iran 10:00 AM, MAR 3, 2015 • BY DEREK HARVEY The Obama Administration’s defacto anti-ISIS partnership with Tehran is helping Iran’s Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimeni and Ayatollah Khamenei “Finlandize” Iraq. Not only does this damage U.S. interests in sustaining an independent and sovereign Iraq, but the […]

The Price of Extremism

The Price of Extremism

The execution style murder of three young North Carolina students, two of whom were hijab wearing Muslim women, raises questions regarding the rise of Islamaphobia in the United States in the form of hate crimes. Some will argue that the motive for the incident has not been clearly established and was simply the unfortunate outcome […]


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