Make Your Choice from Many Online Casinos

Taking a trip to the web's sweetest online casinos delivers an awesome leisure activity – one that can be adapted to match your leisure budget and gaming preferences. Check out the coolest gaming choices in the casinos, big jackpot levels and cool strategic gaming options.

Hottest table games

The table gaming technology in the high-end online casinos has come a long way in the past decade – now offering an extremely realistic and slick gaming environment. In fact, the action is so authentic that the best web casinos have hosted satellite contests as qualifying for big Vegas and Caribbean gambling championships. With genuine skill responsiveness, odds, staking and payouts – the web is truly a hugely respected gambling medium in the world of casinos. While playing online roulette, poker, video poker, blackjack and other classic games isn't quite the same as jetting out to Vegas – it comes a close second and offers casual and pro gamers an awesome gaming platform.

Big paying slots

While table games may offer you cool sophistication in the casinos, the jackpot cash kings, and for many the ultimate in instant excitement – is offered by the good old slot machine. However, the web is fully-loaded with an amazing array of online casino slots, often exceed 100 machines in the big online casinos. You'll find everything from

Cool strategic gaming

Real world strategies can be applied in many online casino games – with roulette, blackjack and video poker being the most popular among online gamers. In fact, it's not just hardcore gamers trying to beat the casinos using skill and strategy – thousands of casual players are testing out casino busting concepts. For example, the martingale system is a classic high risk:high reward system, applied at the roulette table in online casinos – check it out below:

  • Place an even money wager on an even money selection (such as £5 Red)
  • I the wager loses, bet again with 100% the original wager (£10 Red)
  • Keep betting again and doubling until you win – then return to a 1 credit wager

The Magic of Online Casinos

The magic of playing in casinos is a concept that appeals to most people – and it's a fantasy image displayed in many hit movies, as a glamorous, sexy location. Thankfully, in this day and age we no longer need to dream – because anyone with web access can instantly enter an authentic world of gaming – with an array of deluxe online casinos. Check out how to bring the allure of Vegas straight to your PC.

Authentic Vegas casinos

It's no real surprise that with the advanced software now available, the latest online casinos look pretty impressive – with many games backed by photo-real graphics and super slick gaming speed. Let's face it, it won't be quite as good as hitting Vegas, but dim the lights and pour yourself a stiff drink – and you'll be all set for some serious gaming – whether you're a pro or casual gamer hitting the casinos. What's guaranteed is authentic gaming-response, with all games designed and proven to offer genuine 'land-based' style payouts and strategic possibilities. Just like in Vegas itself, the most popular and impressive authentic table games include roulette, blackjack, video poker, poker, craps and baccarat.

Cutting-edge adventure gaming

If the table option in casinos is a little too refined for your gaming taste – then the slot arcades are sure to be right up your street. Click to play everything from the classic slots found in casinos and arcades, to stunning next generation video slots and progressive jackpot games. In terms of realism, slot games have the edge over other choices in the casinos – simply because PC screens are able to closely mimic the concept of a land-based slot screen. What's more – all the cool kitsch slot themes, graphics, icons and bonus features are fully-intact, offering a slot players dream.

Genuine jackpot power

Whatever your gaming level, the payouts found in online casinos easily match the hardcore payouts available in the world's finest gaming destinations. Typical returns average in excess of 95% across all casino niches, and with stakes from 0.01 to as much as 200.00 – there's scope for all gamers in the high-end casinos.

Strategy-play for online casinos

Online casinos are home to a huge range of gamers – from casual slot lovers chasing huge jackpot luck, to hardcore pro's looking to live off their sessions in the casinos! What's for sure is that the classic strategic games can be very responsive – including blackjack, video poker, roulette, poker and craps. Even casual gamers can get in on the fun and potential to enhance their edge – games such as roulette and video poker are both playable with simple strategies such as the martingale and labouchere systems for roulette.

The best casinos are loaded with free bonus chips when you sign-up, often worth hundreds – without making a deposit.