Playoffs: Western Conference Semifinals Game 6: San Jose Sharks vs. Detroit Red Wings

San Jose Sharks fans are wondering if it is the fact that the Detroit Red Wings are so good, or that the Sharks are choking in the playoffs again that is aiding the Red Wings comeback in this series. The online casino wagering for his Western Conference semifinals series has been difficult to predict. The Sharks were up in this series three games to none, but now Detroit could force a game seven with a win at home. This is all starting to look too familiar to the NHL fans in San Jose.

The worst part is that the San Jose Sharks were leading game five 3-1 heading into the third period. But then the pay per head Sharks fans had to watch as the Red Wings scored three goals in the third period while the Sharks scored none, and that allowed Detroit to live for another day. Once again, this is all getting too familiar to hockey fans in San Jose. It also seems that the goaltending is wavering just a little bit in San Jose in the playoffs, and that also looks very familiar. It looks like both the Sharks and the Red Wings are following familiar patterns in this series.

Western Conference Semifinals

The Red Wings got the only kind of break they could hope for in this series; game six in Detroit. The Red Wings can force a game seven and see if they can keep their collective foot on the collective neck of the San Jose Sharks. The Detroit goaltending has been absolutely outstanding in the last two games. In game five, Red Wings Goaltender Jimmy Howard faced an onslaught of 42 shots and only allowed three goals. In game four, Howard made 25 saves to preserve the win for Detroit. The Detroit goal scorers have come to life while the defense seems to have fallen asleep. If Detroit can cut down on the number of shots on goal against Howard, then they can win this series and move on to the Conference Finals. But if the Sharks are allowed to keep peppering Howard with shots, then more will eventually find their way to the back of the net.

The goaltending in San Jose that was so brilliant in the first series and a half of the playoffs is starting to fall apart. Antti Niemi faced 40 shots in game four and gave up four goals. You could hardly blame him on any of the goals, and the San Jose defense was nowhere to be found. In game five, Niemi faced 22 shots and gave up four critical goals. The San Jose defense played much better in game five, but it was not good enough. The game winning goal was a screen shot from the point that Niemi never saw. Niemi was either out of position for the other three goals, or he just missed them. The Sharks will need stronger play out of Niemi if they want to close out this series, but they may have to wait until they go home to do that.

The Detroit Red Wings will be so pumped up to play game six that it is difficult to see the Sharks being able to put up a fight in this game. Jimmy Howard is finding his groove while Antti Niemi is fighting the puck. There will be a game seven in this series, and it is something that Sharks fans have seen too many times before.